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AIME - An Indigenous-led educational program

AIME - An Indigenous-led educational program

At NRMA Insurance, we’re honouring National Reconciliation Week– an important annual event for all who call Australia home.

The week-long event, dedicated to growing respectful relationships between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and the broader community, is aimed to give Indigenous Australians greater equality.

It’s start date of May 27 is the anniversary of the historic 1967 Referendum, where Australians voted to amend two parts of the Constitution which discriminated against Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders. More than 90% of Australians voted to include Indigenous peoples in the Census and allow the Commonwealth to create laws for them.

It’s end date of June 3 marks the anniversary of the 1993 High Court Mabodecision, which for the first time, recognised Indigenous peoples as the original custodians of Australian land. The Mabo Decision legally and symbolically acknowledged the truth and changed the way we all think about Australia’s history.

In 2013, NRMA’s parent company IAG made a commitment to reconciliation and was the first major insurer in Australia to introduce a Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP).This year, IAG launched its third RAP.

“We recognise that our role extends beyond our core responsibilities to customers…and our aim is to have a positive influence on all the communities we serve, including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples,” said IAG’s Managing Director and CEO, Peter Harmer. 

“In developing our new RAP, we considered the complex challenges and issues affecting our Indigenous communities, and what role we might be able to play in addressing them.”

Over the years IAG has gone from strength to strength, having consistently followed through on our RAP commitments, progressing from an Innovate to a Stretch, and now an Elevate RAP – the highest endorsement a RAP can achieve.

At the launch of IAG's latest RAP in Gebruary, Reconcilliation Australia Chief Executive Officer Karen <undine said “IAG has committed to ambitious yet achievable actions that will no doubt have positive and far-reaching impacts,” says Reconciliation Australia Chief Executive Officer Karen Mundine.

“Its aims include contributing to the reduction of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander incarceration rates through its Just Reinvest partnership; providing culturally appropriate insurance products; and supporting constitutional reform through support for the Uluru Statement from the Heart.” said Ms Mundine.

As part of our RAP, we’re proud of our highly successful partnership with Australian Indigenous Mentoring Experience (AIME), an Indigenous-led educational program proven to support Indigenous students through high school and into university or employment at the same rate as all Australians. The not-for-profit organisation gives Indigenous students the skills, opportunities, belief and confidence to grow and succeed.

IAG became AIME’s Western Sydney partner – which is home to Australia’s largest Indigenous population – to support the retention of Year 12 students in Western Sydney.

“We have helped to motivate young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders through our partnerships with AIME and CareerTrackers; built career paths through our recruitment programs; and empowered Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander businesses and suppliers,” says Mr Harmer.

Our employees also have the opportunity to show their support of our RAP pledge by getting involved in two AIME mentoring programs; Tutor Squad Program and Theatre of Education Program. During each experience, employees will act as mentors to a student in Years 7-12 and assist with their studies.

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