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Changing a tyre

Changing a tyre

Whether your heading to a job interview, dropping the kids off at day-care, or mid-way through a road trip - flat tyres, like much of life's other little annoyances, tend to happen when it's most inconvenient.

It’s times like this roadside assistance, which can provide on the spot tyre change or simple repair, can prove both a time and money saver, but if the worst happened to you, would you know what to do?

Take our quiz and find out.  

While driving on a busy road you hear a sudden thumping noise and your car tilts to one side, do you?

a: Pull over immediately

b: Decide to ignore it because it doesn't sound good and maybe it will get better on its own

c: Keep driving until you find a safe location to turn off, or pull over away from moving vehicles

You've managed to find a lay-by to park in while you inspect the outside of the car, do you?

a: Pull up the handbrake and keep your left indicator flashing so other drivers know you've parked and have passengers in the vehicle

b: Jump out of the car, gather all of your tyre-changing equipment, and start looking around for someone who knows how to do this

c: Pull up the handbrake, ensure all passengers get out of the vehicle to a safe place that's away from the car or the road and turn on your hazard lights

What items do you need to change a tyre?

a: Spare tyre, jack, tyre wrench, torch, gloves, wheel brace

b: Spare tyre, jack, strength and steely determination

c: Spare tyre, jack, tyre wrench, car owner’s manual, torch, gloves, wheel brace, any safety equipment supplied with the vehicle

If you are changing a front tyre on the passenger side, where should the wheel brace be placed?

a. Behind the rear tyre of the passenger side

b. A wheel brace is unnecessary if you're not on a hill

c: Behind the rear tyre of the driver’s side

What is the purpose of a tyre wrench?

a: To remove the wheel nuts by applying force in a clockwise direction

b: Have no clue

c: To loosen the wheel nuts by applying force in an anticlockwise direction

Where do you place the jack?

a: Under the front or rear of your car, depending on where the flat tyre is

b: Jack's keeping himself entertained with his iPhone in the car

c: Under the frame of the car, alongside the flat tyre, using the owner's manual as guidance for positioning of the jack

You've raised the car off the ground with the jack, do you?

a: Get underneath the car to check for any damage

b: Push the car up and down to ensure the jack is adequately securing the car

c: Remove the flat tyre and replace it with the spare

You've mounted the spare tyre, reinstalled the wheel nuts, lowered the car with the jack, and cleaned up. What's next?

a: Get straight back on to your journey

b: Take a selfie – this is Facebook-worthy

c: Drive to your nearest car servicing centre to get your tyre serviced or replaced as soon as possible


Mostly A's – you’re a little rusty

Nice try, but put down that wrench. You’ve still got some things to learn when it comes to tyre changes, but don’t despair.

Not only is it inconvenient, but changing a tyre can be a difficult, timely and stressful task.

NRMA roadside assistance can help you change your tyre on the spot and have you on your way in no time.

Mostly B's – A need to upskill

You love driving, but the mechanical side of cars is not really your thing.

Check out some step by step, how to change a tyre info here

Mostly C's – time to go shopping

You've got safety and the know-how. But have you got the tools?

NRMA Members receive 10% off a wide range of parts, accessories and lubricants at any Repco store.

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