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Hitting the slopes this winter

Hitting the slopes this winter

Did you know that a general travel insurance policy doesn’t always cover you for skiing and snowboarding?

So if you’re planning a trip to the mountains this winter, it’s important to check what additional cover you might need.

Here are five frequently asked questions you should find out about before your trip or just ask your insurance provider.

1. Does my general Travel Insurance cover skiing?

Probably not. Skiing, along with snowboarding and snowmobiling are not included on most general travel insurance policies.

To fix this, add ski cover while completing your travel insurance quote.

2. Why is Ski Travel Insurance an optional extra?

Simply put, snow accidents can be very expensive.

If you wipe out up the mountain and hurt yourself, it's likely you'll need specialist personnel, equipment, and even a helicopter to get you down in some cases.

The bill for these events often costs tens of thousands of dollars, so insurance companies charge an extra premium for the risk.

3. If I have ski cover am I covered for everything?

Getting Ski Travel Insurance will give you the peace of mind to go out there and enjoy the mountain to its fullest.

With that being said, it’s still essential that you take precautions to stay safe and abide by the policy restrictions, like not going off-run or taking unnecessary risks.

When it comes to off-run skiing and dangerous activities, most ski travel insurance policies will not cover you.

This applies to racing, skiing in unpatrolled areas, heli-skiing, cat-skiing, and other extreme skiing activities.

If you intend to participate in a professional capacity or ski off road, talk to your insurance provider about the coverage options available.

5. I’ve been skiing for years, do I really still need insurance?

Unfortunately, regardless of whether you’re a pro or a first timer, accidents and injuries can happen to anyone.

It’s an unexpected event that no one can predict or out-skill, which makes Ski Insurance essential for everybody. 

Plus even if you ski or board like a boss, you can still lose your equipment.

Travel Ski Insurance also covers you for lost, stolen, or damaged kit.

6. What if I'm only skiing in Australia and New Zealand?

If you are considering a ski trip outside of Australia and New Zealand, then Ski Insurance is essential because medical costs can be huge, especially in the USA.

When it comes to Australia and New Zealand, basic insurance and New Zealand’s ACC provides comprehensive, no-fault personal injury cover for all residents and visitors, but it doesn’t cover other risks.

The total coverage offered by ski insurance protects you from theft of equipment, and trip delays or cancellations too.

As long as you ski within the resort boundaries, ski insurance is simple and gives you the peace of mind to enjoy the mountain to its fullest.

Go rip it up!




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